Passport to Christmas

Support your local businesses and help your community thrive! By shopping locally, you can help small businesses stay afloat and contribute to the local economy.

The Year’s Most Eagerly Awaited Contest is Back!

The Passport to Christmas is a campaign put on by the Blackfalds & District Chamber of Commerce to encourage local shopping at Blackfalds businesses.

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Why Should Your Business Participate in the Passport to Christmas?

The Passport to Christmas program encourages people to shop locally and support small businesses in their community. For businesses, the program provides an advertising opportunity to increase traffic to their business. Additionally, the program can help boost the local economy as seen in the significant amount of money spent during each year.

You business will be printed on 15,000 passports that will be in circulation in the community.

If your business wants to accept the Blackfalds Bucks from the lucky winners, your business must participate in the promotion. The Blackfalds Chamber will reimburse your Blackfalds Bucks.

What Does it Cost to Participate in the Passport to Christmas?

The Passport to Christmas is open to ALL Blackfalds businesses. The cost to participate in Passport program is $125.00.

If you would like to be a member of the Blackfalds & District Chamber of Commerce please call 403.506.6735.

How Your Business Can Participate in the Passport to Christmas?

Sign Up by calling our admin at 403.506.6735.
Before the contest starts, a Chamber representative will come by your business and give you a poster, a drop box and passports for you to stamp and give your customers. Make sure you have something to stamp your passports with. A small self inking stamp would be best. Ideally the stamp would identify your business.

How Does the Passport to Christmas Work?

During the contest, customers can collect one stamp in their passport for every $10.00 spent.

Once they have collected 24 stamps to complete the passport, they can put the completed passport in a drop box to be eligible to win a prize.

Maximum amount of Passports per transaction is 4 which amount to $980.00 in spending.

Where are the Drop Boxes located?

Drop boxes are conveniently located all over Blackfalds.

What Can the Customer Do with the Winnings?

Passport winners can only spend the $500.00 in Blackfalds Bucks at participating passport businesses.

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Consider visiting your local shops, restaurants, and markets for your holiday shopping needs. You can also spread the word by leaving positive reviews, sharing on social media, and recommending your favorite businesses to friends and family. Let’s work together to support our local businesses and keep our communities strong.