1. Spotlight

In an effort to highlight our members and showcase the benefits of shopping locally, the Blackfalds & District Chamber of Commerce want to share your stories with the Blackfalds community.

Tell us all about your business’ history, your local roots, along with the positive impact that your business has had on our community, and let us highlight you and the people who make your business so great.

2. Prototype

1. Your business must be a member of the chamber of commerce.
2. Your business must be a legally registered business in the locality.
3. Your business must have a website or other online presence.
4. You must submit an application to the chamber of commerce for consideration. 5. You must provide a photo or logo of your business.
6. You must provide information about your business, such as a description, contact information, products or services offered, and any awards or recognitions your business has received.

7. You must provide a brief statement as to why your business should be featured in the chamber of commerce’s spotlight program.
8. Your business must agree to the terms and conditions of the chamber of commerce’s spotlight program.
9. You must be prepared to engage with the chamber of commerce and the local community through the chamber’s social media accounts and other communication channels.

3. Design

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